Eugene and Tatiana decided to take a slightly different approach from many podcasts and make it raw and simple. We believe in simplicity. We don't edit for content and bring a conversation between us to give different angle & perspective.
A bit about our background:

Tatiana Tsoir is an author, speaker, but first and foremost an tax and accounting expert. She is self-employed and is a serial entrepreneur at heart. Her mission is to provide plain-English support for aspiring- and/or already-entrepreneurs to understand the basics of money, accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and other business related things that bring our listeners anxiety and/or concern. She is a mom and is an author of "Dream Bold, Start Smart" book coming out in March 2021.

Eugene is an engineer and a Millenial, he is employed full time and has a very different perspective on life, work and business. He challenges my beliefs and brings questions to the table that YOU may have. And then we discuss.

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